Improve sustainability by launching new products.

(made from material you've already purchased)


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It's always a collaboration

Situ operates as a design consultancy (of sorts) which means shaking hands and getting chatty is our cup of tea. There's an operation model that we know works well but each job is different - we like it that way. We'll establish a unique project timeline together to keep everyone on the same page.

We'll start by identifying the material

Maybe you've got some material in mind or maybe we need to hunt some down - we want to work with you to determine what scrap material will be most lucrative and dependable for the long term.

Next up, figure out what we're making

Oh, you've got a product in mind? Fantastic, lets be sure Situ designs something that fits within your brand. No clue what you want? No sweat, we've got experience making all types of goods - we'll land on something together.

Iterate, iterate, iterate

These products are yours - it is absolutely crucial that they communicate as a part of your existing identity. We fancy ourselves as observant and attentive designers but we will need your input to make sure we can do our job effectively. Maybe we can include some of your existing hardware or you've got some neato manufacturing processes you'd like to utilize. That's the stuff we get stoked about.


Once we land on a final design, Situ will surrender the patterns, manufacturing processes, and little secrets that are necessary for you to create this new product out of your waste that continues to pile up. Lastly, a gift for your marketing team; we'll provide you with a nifty information packet including details about the project and how your waste has been utilized and reduced.